Venezuela reports about the detention of another militant group linked to Gideon Operation

25.05.2020, Caracas.

Venezuelan law enforcement officials detained another group of mercenaries linked to the invasion on May 3, announced Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on May 24, reports TeleSUR.

“Just a few hours ago, we have captured a terrorist group linked with the May 3 invasion,” said Maduro during a working meeting at the Venezuelan government headquarters in the Palace of Miraflores.

The testimonies made by detainees reveal “the new leads to those political groups and terrorists who financed, signed a contract with military mercenaries, and made decisions regarding this attack against Venezuela,” noted the president. Mauro did not specify the number of detained militants.

It should be mentioned that on the morning of May 3, there was a military attempt to invade Venezuela by sea. US citizens were among those militants. Their testimony revealed that there was an agreement signed between the leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guaido and the US-based private military company, Silvercorp USA. The contract was signed for $ 212.9 million. As of May 21, 66 people are arrested; among arrested are the militants and those who supposed to provide them with domestic support.

On March 14, Venezuelan authorities made public announcement regarding mercenary groups which were organized in Colombia for the military invasion of Venezuela.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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