Patriarch Kirill: Power of reason is losing to the pandemic without the power of spirit

18.05.2020, Moscow.

While fighting the pandemic, it is important to reinforce the powers of reason with the power of spirit, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia said on May 17 in the Church of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky in the same skete near Moscow Peredelkino, the official site of the Russian Orthodox Church reports.

According to the Patriarch, at present people can not defeat the coronavirus pandemic relying only on the power of reason, and this provides an occasion to think about their limitations.

Kirill said that one should ask God for help not only to refine his reason, but also to constantly raise his spirit and to make spirit fertilize our reason. According to him, in this case there will be no contradictions between science and religion, between the outside world surrounding us and the spiritual world of the Church.

The Patriarch stressed that now it is important that all powers of reason are reinforced with the power of spirit. He is convinced that one can not seek truth, while ignoring spirit, as well as one cannot aspire for spirituality without truth.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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