Iran delivers coronavirus diagnostic test kits in Germany

05.05.2020, Tehran.

Iran supplied 40,000 test kits for COVID-19 diagnostics to Germany, Pishtazteb Teb Zaman Diagnostics medical company’s manager Yasha Farokhzad said on May 5, Pars Today Iranian international broadcasting radio network informed.

According to Yasha Farokhzad, the company is able to produce up to one million test kits per day, orders come from different countries, “Currently, more than 60 countries have applied for our company’s products”.

Germany, Turkey, Poland, South America and the former USSR countries are among the buyers, Yasha Farokhzad noted.

Test kits for COVID-19 diagnostics were developed by Iranian scientists and received all necessary permits from the National Medical Device Directorate of Iran, said Farokhzad.

Pishtazteb company has a license for sale of products in EU countries, the manager underlined.

It was earlier informed that the Iranian government purchased 200,000 test kits for coronavirus diagnostics from domestic manufacturers.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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