Chinese scientists dispel myths about Chinese origin of COVID-19

29.04.2020, Beijing.

Chinese scientists have published an article COVID-19: Rumors and Truth about China, which dispels myths about the coronavirus. The article is available on the Rénmín Rìbào website.

Dispelling the myth that the novel coronavirus was created in a laboratory in the PRC, the scientists pointed out that the available evidence, in contrast, suggests a natural origin of the virus.

“The novel coronavirus is a new type of the coronavirus that has been well-known over the last decades,” the article says. According to the newspaper, the World Health Organization also believes that the novel coronavirus has a natural origin.

Another dispelled myth is that the novel coronavirus appeared after an incident in the Virology Institute in Wuhan.

According to the scientists, the laboratory of the Virology Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has an appropriately certified level P4 protection system. This protection system is effective against the most dangerous pathogens.

According to the newspaper, the virus could not infiltrate through this kind of a protection system, which was acknowledged by one of the scientists of the Institute.

According to another myth, the virus originated from Wuhan. However, the article reminds that the official name of the virus is SARS-CoV-2. Although the first case of infection has been reported in Wuhan, this does not mean that the source of infection has been there. Besides, it has not been established so far what the source of infection was.

Also, there is a myth that an outbreak of an epidemic outbreak took place in China in mid-November 2019. However, according to the Chinese newspaper, the Chinese authorities received the report about pneumonia on December 27, 2019. The statement about the disease outbreak was published on December 31.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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