Kurginyan: China benefits from globalization; therefore, Trump is dismantling it

30.03.2020, Moscow.

China is fully interested in globalization, and it is winning the economic race; therefore, the US are turning to protectionism and dismantling globalism, said the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on March 28 on the air of the Right to Know Program on the TVC channel.

According to Kurginyan, the world economic system is built in such a way that a giant tower of derivatives is rising above the financial structure of the economy. This design is very unstable, and if you strike it the right way, it can collapse. There are people interested in such a collapse, assures the political scientist.

For example, everyone wanted a global economy, a hyper-global economy, because they believed that this would be the hegemony of the US, the Western world. Suddenly, it turned out that China is the country that wins in such hyper-global and highly integrated world economy. And now who is speaking out most vocally in favor of a maximally globally integrated world, a world without trade barriers? China! Because that is in its interests,” said Kurginyan.

More and more people began to think that China is becoming increasingly stronger as globalization grows. Why would the West need such a globalization where it does not win? Therefore, Trump began to dismantle this globalization.

I purposefully wish to highlight the figure of the Vice President Pence, who’s in the Trump’s shadow, who does not make much difference while Trump is doing well. However, we know from past experiences that at times the vice presidency can suddenly grow in stature.

In the case of Pence, everything is even more radical, no globalization is needed at all, ” warns Kurginyan.

During his studies, Mike Pence became an ardent supporter of evangelism (he was originally a Catholic) and joined elite conservative circles in the US. This helped him to become a senator and the governor of Indiana. Trump chose Pence as his running mate in the presidential election.

After taking office in 2017, Pence established the White House cabinet Bible study group, which consists only of cabinet members in the Trump administration. Pence invited pastor Ralph Drollinger, who actively opposes the LGBT community and abortion, favors restricting women’s rights and considers Catholicism “one of the primary false religions of the world”, to lead this group.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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