Russian Foreign Ministry accuses USA and UK of torturing Assange

12.03.2020, Moscow.

The USA’s and UK’s actions against the arrested WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange are the apotheosis of lie, crackdown, and torture, the Spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said on March 12 at a briefing in Moscow.

The diplomat recalled that at the latest OSCE Council, where the Assange case was discussed, the Russian delegates raised the issue of the political crackdown against the arrested journalist. According to the Russian side, he must not be denied medical help, as “this can cost him life.”

Zakharova pointed out the UK’s and the USA’s positions that Assange posed threat to many people’s lives when he leaked classified information.

“In fact, they are accusing the journalist of telling the truth, and they justify this with threat to life. This is the apotheosis of imperial logic of double standards and lie,” the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said.

The diplomat also expressed disagreement with the judgment of the situation of a number of human rights organizations, which criticized “the prosecution of the journalist and violation of his rights.” According to Zakharova, “we can already speak about the use of torture and direct ill-treatment.” The diplomat pointed out that “bringing a person to a desperate condition” has nothing to do with the so-called “prosecution.”

“This is a crime, and it can be fatal,” Zakharova believes.

The Russian diplomat recalled the internationally unanimous opinion that “the campaign against Assange is politically motivated,” and she called human rights communities and other international institutions to enforce their effort to ensure the triumph of justice in the Assange case. Or, at least, to protect the journalist from the UK and the USA, which want Assange’s death.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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