The Russian Embassy in Lithuania reacts to persecution of antifascists

07.03.2020, Vilnius.

The persecution of ethnic Russian antifascists in Lithuania will not remain without consequences, the Russian Embassy in Lithuania said on March 6.

The Russian Diplomatic Department confirmed that they were aware of the ongoing repressions against the Immortal Regiment campaign’s organizers in Lithuania and against political figures of Russian heritage who hold antifascist positions.

“In recent days, the State Security Department has begun to openly persecute and harass activists from among Russian compatriots living in Lithuania,” the embassy said.

The Embassy equated such actions by the Lithuanian authorities to a provocation and promised not to leave the persecution without consequences.

In recent days, Lithuanian authorities have been conducting searches, interrogations and arrests of people who organize patriotic actions and antifascist politicians.

So, on March 3, they arrested deputy of the Klaipeda City Council Ella Andreeva from the Titov and Justice Committee after a search and seizure of her computer and phones.  After interrogation Andreeva was released. She is currently being investigated as a special witness in an espionage case.

On March 5, the police arrested the Immortal Regiment organizer in Klaipeda for three months. On March 6 the police searched and detained the Immortal Regiment organizer in Vilnius for questioning.

The Lithuanian Prosecutor’s Office is also forcing the co-chairman of the Socialist People’s Front of Lithuania Gedrus Grabauskas to undergo a forensic psychiatric examination because he denies Soviet aggression and calls the “forest brothers” (an organization whose activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation) Nazi criminals.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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