Prisoners reveal Turkey’s role in creating terrorist groups in Syria

05.02.2020, Damascus.

Turkish security forces control terrorist groups in Syria, said the arrested militants during the liberation of the suburbs of Aleppo, RIA Novosti reported on February 4.

As a result of the fighting, the Syrian army has liberated several localities and an area in the suburbs of Aleppo. During the “sweep” of the area, the military captured two terrorists, natives of Syria.

During the interrogation, they testified that they had to leave their places of permanent residence as a result of the civil war and decided to leave Syria as refugees with their families. When crossing the border, Turkish security forces forced military-aged men to join one of the terrorist organizations and brought them back into Syria, while they transferred relatives to a special camp for displaced persons as hostages.

The prisoners also showed that they had been received their military specialty under the supervision of Turkish instructors who were training them. According to the prisoners` testimony, formations from Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as groups formed from citizens of former Soviet republics are fighting in the militant-controlled parts of Syria.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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