Hong Kong protesters ask Trump to impose sanctions on China

10.09.2019, Hong Kong.

Demonstrators in Hong Kong asked US President Donald Trump for support, Reuters reports on September 8.

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in front of the US Consulate General in Hong Kong and handed over a petition to US diplomats with an appeal to support the Hong Kong protesters and put pressure on the governments of China and Hong Kong through sanctions.

According to their demands, the US Government should pass a bill ensuring the democratic rights and freedoms of the Hong Kong autonomy, and to prevent the Chinese Government from violating the “one country – two systems” principle.

The protesters reinforced their demands with banners asking Trump for protection and demanding the establishment of democracy.

The large-scale protests in Hong Kong began in June 2019 when changes were made to the extradition law that would allow criminal suspects and fugitives to be sent to mainland China for trial.

According to the protesters, changes to the extradition law violate the “one country – two systems” principle, and they undermine Hong Kong’s autonomy, as they are aimed primarily at the central Chinese government’s political opponents.

The continuing protests have become the largest in 10 years. At their peak, several hundred thousand demonstrators participated in the rallies. There were riots during the protests, clashes with the police; and at one point, police resorted to using firearms.

This is not the first time when the protesters have called to foreign governments asking them to put pressure on the Chinese and Hong Kong governments.

In July, in anticipation of the G-20 meeting in Japan, protesters appealed to the consulates of the G-20 member states with demands to put pressure on China and assist in upholding the autonomy of Hong Kong.

On September 4, Joshua Wong, one of the protesters’ leaders, sent an open letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, two days after her visit to China, asking for support and warning that China does not keep its promises and violates international law.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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