Russian Ministry of Defense: Reports of Russian Air Force strikes on Syrian marketplace are fake news

22.07.2019, Moscow.

The Russian Aerospace Forces made no strikes on the marketplace in the Syrian town of Maraat al-Numaan, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported in a press release on July 22.

The fake report about the strikes was distributed by Western media as a White Helmets report, the Russian Ministry of Defense noted. In the reported period, the Russian Air Force did not perform any missions in the specified area.

The military also pointed out the source of funding of the anonymous informer about the airstrikes, stressing that the UK and the USA are directly involved in the financial support of the organization responsible for spreading outright lies in order to discredit the Russian army and the Syrian government.

The day before, Western media published an anonymous report of a member of the White Helmets NGO alleging that the Russian military performed an airstrike on the marketplace of the Syrian town of Maraat al-Numaan in the province of Idlib.

Many civilians were killed and wounded. The White Helmets organization itself has been repeatedly exposed in distributing fakes and false footage. Also, evidence suggests that the White Helmets are linked with terrorists.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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