Russia and Syria thwart militants’ plans to attack Hama and Latakia

05.05.2019, Damascus.

Islamist militant groups located in southern Idlib and its vicinity were planning an attack on the Syrian provinces of Hama and Latakia, a Syrian source reported on May 5.

The terrorists had received a large amount of weapons. In addition, significant militant forces were concentrated in the Murek region, with the aim of attacking Syrian Arab Army positions and civilians in neighboring areas.

According to the Syrian source, external forces are behind the militants’ actions. These forces aim at worsening and escalating of the situation in Syria.

Earlier, on May 5, Russian Aerospace Forces and Syrian aircraft attacked groups of Islamist terrorists in the areas of the Kafr-Naha township in western Aleppo and Kansafra in southern Idlib. More than a hundred targets were destroyed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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