Kurginyan: Russians must say “never again” to perestroika

19.03.2019, Moscow.

Perestroika for the Russians is something they must say “never again” to, as the Jews said to Holocaust, leader of the Essence of Time movement, political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said on March 16 at the Right to Know! TV program.

Answering the host’s question regarding what is required to overcome the stupefying of the masses, which was a factor of perestroika, Kurginyan said that we must remember the consequences of this stupefication the same way that the Jews remember the Holocaust, because we would not survive a second perestroika.

“The Russians have an event, perestroika. We must remember: never again. For them, it is no different than what the Holocaust is for the Jews. This is my opinion: never again. No more perestroika with the collapse of the state,” Kurginyan said.

“Social campaigning for rights ― yes. Changes and political struggle ― yes. Using all these democratic things ― yes. But no state destruction. Never again may anything like that happen in Russia. And if it starts happening, it will be stopped by all means. Any and all,” the politician added.

Kurginyan believes that “there cannot be a greater disaster for the Russian people than another loss of statehood,” and that “we must have a state responsibility.”

The third episode of Kurginyan’s film “Russia and perestroika-2: Who will win: vatniks [patriotic Russians are pejoratively referred to as “vatniks,” meaning “cotton-padded jacket,” pointing to their supposedly low socioeconomic status — translator] and patriotism or mink-coat communism?” discusses the perestroika-2, under pseudo-Marxist slogans, which is being prepared.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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