Kurginyan: Maidan in Moscow under “left” slogans being prepared on Ukrainian orders

18.02.2019, Moscow.

Sergey Kurginyan called the preparation of a second perestroika under leftist slogans national treason. He said that in the first part of the film “The treason under the red mask”, which premiered on February 16.

Supporters of the Global State aim at taking control over all segments of Russian civil society by creating a pseudo-communist leftist construct. In the event that the undertaking is successful, Russia is threatened with a de-Sovietization and the subsequent elimination of any non-colonial and even “not completely colonial” forms of existence.

The Russian left actors are represented by three main segments: the orthodox-patriotic communists (“Zyuganov’s”), the patriotic communist renovationists (Essence of Time) and the leftist pseudo-communist anti-patriots (AntiPa).

The ideologists of the latter implement a policy that considers both “nationalistic and patriotic” ideologies as “disgustingly bourgeois”. At the same time, patriotism and nationalism are equated with fascism.

In the film, Kurginyan asks questions about the content of this ideology: how communism according to Marx is linked with the destruction of patriotism; how they criticize patriotism, accusing it of being bourgeois; how they call to fight against national capital, taking transnational capital as their ally, which is supposedly less fascist due to its less reactionary nature.

According to the political scientist, this led to the fact that anti-patriotic leftist actors took the stance of supporting Russia’s defeat in the conflict in Ukraine, which means they de facto support the Bandera regime.

At the same time, the Russian authorities’ antisocial policies (the adoption of pension reform and other destructive transformations) create the basis for a just civil protest that can be directed at the existing, though imperfect, state with the aim to collapse it using the methods that were applied to ruin the USSR in the first perestroika.

The first part film “The treason under the red mask” was released on the official YouTube channel of the Essence of Time movement on February 16. The film is a comprehensive and systematic description of the phenomenon, called Perestroika-2, which is being prepared for execution under “left” slogans and which aims at the final destruction of Russian statehood.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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