American expert: European missile defense can be easily turned against Russia

02.11.2018, Annapolis.

The US anti-missile defense systems deployed in Europe can be easily equipped with attack missiles and directed against Russia, the Vice President of the Wilson Center, former Pentagon official Abraham Denmark on October 31 in an interview to the USNI portal.

Denmark noted that the missile defense systems located in Poland and Romania are currently deployed as a defense against Iranian ballistic missiles. However, they “could fairly readily be turned” to an offensive capability targeting Russia.

The expert admitted that such missiles would be a “direct threat” to Russia. According to Denmark, from the very beginning Moscow has accused Washington of planning the fast transformation to offensive weapons as the initial goal of the deployment of the missile defense systems in Europe.

Since 2016, the US Aegis Ashore system has been fully deployed in Romania; the complete deployment of systems in Poland is scheduled for 2020. Pentagon officials have repeatedly said that the missile defense in Europe targets solely Iranian missiles.

Currently, the US and Russia have a treaty prohibiting them to have ground-based missiles with a range between 500 to 5500 km. However, the US President Donald Trump said on October 20, 2018 that the US would unilaterally withdraw from all its obligations under the treaty.

The Woodrow Wilson Center was established in 1968. It quickly became a major strategic planning center in the USA. The Center sees its mission as “a global dialogue of ideas.”

As part of such “global dialogue,” the Wilson Center actively forces the concept of democracy on the globe, which currently legitimizes USA interference with the national policy of other countries, particularly by “orange revolutions.”

According to the Center’s official web site, “Democracy is built on the notion of an informed and active citizenry. The Wilson Center provides the fuel that makes this possible…”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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