The hypocrisy of "open society" – what did Biden talk about at Chatham House?

20.10.2018, London.

American studies expert Arystan Siraliyev called the former US Vice President Joe Biden’s speech at Chatham House a session of mass hypocrisy during an interview to a Rossa Primavera Information Agency correspondent on October 19.

The former US Vice President spent most of his speech, titled “A Vision for the Future of the Transatlantic Relationship”, on justifying for the need for unity between the US and European countries in the fight against Russia an China, noted the expert.

  “Biden stressed that the US has a moral obligation to protect democratic values and the world order from the ‘authoritarian Russia and China, who “sow chaos around themselves and “undermine the sovereignty of other nations”. The degree of hypocrisy in this position is beyond all limits. Considering that US foreign policy under Obama and Biden’s administration shifted completely towards an approach based on chaos theory once it was realized that building a ‘new world order would come at an unacceptable price of shifting the country into wartime mode.

The new US policy has made a stronger bid than ever on undermining the sovereignty of other countries and their democracies through engineering controlled conflicts to overthrow democratically elected authorities from Tunis to Kiev. Biden’s audience at Chatham House are also actively involved in this ongoing rape of democracy and national sovereignty. In essence, we were present at a session of mass hypocrisy, ” noted the American studies expert.

Biden assigned a central role to the concept of the open society, to which he constantly appealed over the entire course of his speech. According to Biden, open societies are ‘not self-sustaining’, and they are particularly vulnerable to internal and external threats, which he combined into an alliance of Russia and China with dissenting voices in Western countries, which he dubbed as populists and demagogues. Any fellow citizen who doubts the correctness of such a worldview can now also be added to the list of enemies of this precious open society. So much for the defense of democracy and pluralism!” concluded Siraliyev.

The concept of the open society was first introduced into the political lexicon by Karl Popper in his book The Open Society and Its Enemies, published in 1945. According to Popper and Biden, who draws upon him, a society consisting of atomized individuals, which is the alternative to collectivism, which, according to Popper, inevitably leads to totalitarianism, can only be united by a common enemy.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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