Turkish presidential advisor calls US two-faced toward Christians

01.09.2018, Ankara.

Turkish presidential advisor Ilnur Cevik accused the US government of being two-faced toward Christians in his article in the Daily Sabah Turkish government newspaper on August 31.

Ilnur Cevik said that the White House seeks to win the votes of right-wing Christians in the congressional elections this November. That’s the real reason for “extraordinary effort to make an issue of the pastor Brunson case in Turkey

But “if the U.S. administration is so involved in the plight of Christians,” it should look at the oppression against Christians by Kurdish militants in Syria, Erdoğan’s adviser believes.

Ilnur Cevik said that on August 18th Christians in the town of Kamishli in north-eastern Syria protested against the Kurdish authorities. The Christians protested against “for violating the rights of Christians in the region, forcing school closures, harassing the clergy and confiscating Church property.”

Erdoğan’s advisor says that the protests started anew on August 28, but the YPG [self-defense Kurdish detachment in Syria, editor’s note] “dispersed the crowds after firing in the air.”

Ilnur Cevik added that Armenian and Assyrian private schools in the town of Malikiya also experience oppression. The Assyrian Democratic society accused the YPG of “intimidating” Assyrian society in the region.

This is the sad picture of the plight of the Christians living under PKK terrorist domination thanks to the American administration. Will the U.S. administration see the monster they have created? Erdoğan’s advisor concludes.

Protestant pastor Andrew Branson lived in Izmir, Turkey. In 2017 he was arrested by Turkish security services. He was accused in connections with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and Fethullah Gülen’s terrorist organization (FETO), both banned in Turkey. The Turkish government considers the FETO to be the organizer of a 2016 coup attempt in Turkey. The US government reinforced its demands to free Branson by imposing sanctions against a number of Turkish officials.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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