Putin: Russia will either be a sovereign state, or it will not exist at all

06.06.2018, Moscow.

The anti-Russian sanctions can never make Russia abandon its own sovereign path of development, said Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 6 in an interview with the Chinese Media Group, the Kremlin’s official website reports.

Sanctions do not frighten or surprise us, we understand that such policy has the aim of restraining Russia’s development. However, those who do this will fail, believes Putin.

“I believe that either Russia will be a sovereign state, or it will not exist at all,” said the President. He is confident that the Russian people will choose sovereignty. The US and countries which under its pressure agreed to participate in the economic blockade bear great economic losses from such policy, said Putin.

They “are beginning to suffer from what the United States is starting to impose on these countries themselves,” said the President. He also expressed the hope that with time Western countries and the US will abandon such illegal measures of influence and normalize their relations with Russia.

Vladimir Putin gave this interview on the eve of his visit to the People’s Republic of China.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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