Residents of liberated Syrian cities volunteer to army en masse

02.05.2018, Damascus.

People are standing in lines at Syrian People’s Army volunteer recruiting stations which have recently opened in the cities of the Eastern Qalamoun and in the city of Ar Ruhaybah, RIA Novosti reported on May 1.

“You know that Eastern Qalamoun was under the militants’ control for a long time. Today, now that our soldiers and the Russian military have made them leave, we have decided that we cannot remain uninvolved any longer. You can see how many people have come here today. Nobody forced them to do so; this is their own will. We understand that there are still places in Syria where militants remain, but we are not going to tolerate them anymore, and we want to make our country free from this plague,” this is how the spokesman of the local authorities, Mohammed Tukman, characterized the situation.

On April 25, militants left the Eastern Qalamoun region, and it was taken under control by the Syrian army and military police. Over 5500 militants and their family members left the enclave, leaving many armored vehicles, mortars, and munitions.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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