Protests in Armenia: Diaspora raises money to bribe police

18.04.2018, Yerevan.

10 thousand dollars is the amount of the reward to the first policeman, who will lay down arms and join the protesters, website reports on April 18 citing the Facebook account of activist Ara Nersisian

On his Facebook page, Ara Nersian states, “Our compatriots abroad want to run a campaign. They are now raising money. When the first millions of dollars will be raised, the campaign will start”.

On April 17th, at a special meeting of National assembly of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan was elected as head of the Cabinet of ministers of Armenia. The opposition group Elk (Exit), which initiated the civic protests, expressed its dissatisfaction with such a decision. A board member of Civil Contract party, Nicolo Pashiyan, announced the creation of “velvet revolution” committees.

On April 18th those protesting against appointment of Serzh Sargasyan blocked the traffic on Bagramyan Avenue. A part of them proceeded towards the prime minister’s residence.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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