Con artists exploiting human tragedy: Russian Ministry of Defense about another White Helmets lies

23.03.2018, Moscow.

False reports on Russian Air Forces’ bombing of Eastern Ghouta that allegedly led to civilians’ deaths were refuted by Russian Ministry of Defense on the 23rd of March, TASS reports.

“Russian aviation does not conduct airstrikes on the residential area of Eastern Ghouta and, moreover, does not use incendiary munitions, unlike the US-led international coalition”, the refutal says.

“The reports spread by con artists exploiting human tragedy, by White Helmets and by British so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, are glaring lies”, the Defense Ministry stressed.

On the 23rd of March, a number of Western news outlets spread information about the death of 37 civilians of Arbil locality in Eastern Ghouta caused by incendiary bombs airstrike allegedly launched by Russian Aerospace Forces.

Foreign media sources cite the reports of White Helmets, who were caught making false statements on multiple occasions, and of Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which has similar reputation.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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