US flag over high school replaced with Islamist flag

17.02.2018, Utah.

On February 16, unknown perpetrators replaced US flag with the flag of ISIL (organization banned in Russia) over a high school in the city of Hurricane in Utah, USA, Daily Mail reports.

Early in the morning, school employees found the flag of the USA torn apart and replaced by the flag of the terrorist organization. The walls were also spray painted with graffiti that read, “ISIS (organisation banned in Russia – note by Rossa Primavera) is coming.”

Police and FBI launched an investigation into the incident. Hurricane Police Department said, “Based on information we received from the FBI we do not believe this act was perpetrated by someone linked to the Islamic State (organization banned in Russia – note by Rossa Primavera)”

In June 2014 ISIL (organization banned in Russia) declared establishment of a “global Caliphate” as its main objective. On December 9, 2014, the Supreme Court of Russia ruled out that ISIL (organization banned in Russia) is an international terrorist organization and banned it in Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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