Russian Ministry of Transport proposes to shoot down drones incurring into Russian airspace

15.02.2018, Moscow.

Russian Ministry of Transport proposed to land or shoot  down drones the use of which is “limited or prohibited”, in the event of them breaching into the airspace, the Izvestiya newspaper reported on February 13.

According to the newspaper, toughening of measures is due to the fact that drones can be used to “carry out terrorist attacks or other illegal actions.”

The amendments to the Russian Air Laws and Regulations developed by the Ministry are now undergoing public debates. In case the document is approved, the amendments will enter into force next February.

It is proposed that police officers and Federal National Guard Troops would identify the violators.

A number of specialists are convinced that in future terrorists will use drones to carry out terrorist attacks. Instead of a car stuffed with a bomb they can use a drone with the same explosive device.

It was reported earlier that the Ministry of transport will need to develop a new “road map” including suggestions on drones’ monitoring and control, by September 1st, 2018.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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