The composition of the Syrian constitutional commission to be determined in Sochi

30.01.2018, Sochi.

The composition of the four committees for Syria’s Constitutional Commission will be determined at the Syrian Congress of National Dialogue in Sochi, a Professor of the Tishreen University in Latakia Carlo Makdisie said, TASS reports on January 30.

The constitutional commission will consist of four committees. It is expected that the first two committees will include 10 persons each. In the third and fourth committees, there will be 25 people, respectively. Specific names have been discussed already,”- said the professor, who takes part at the congress.

Makdisie also highlighted Russia’s aspiration to set up the Congress as a conference for all Syrians, and he positively assessed the role of Russia in the peaceful settlement in Syria, “Russia is the only country with a point of view which is different from other states, she really wants to attain peace for all stratas of the Syrian population.”

On January 29, the Syrian Congress gathering together representatives of the Syrian authorities, the opposition, and the Kurdish minority, has started in Sochi. It is expected that new agreements between the Syrian authorities and the opposition will be reached to move toward a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Delegations from different countries of the Middle East are also participating in the Congress: there are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon among them. The members of the UN Security Council countries attend the Congress as observers. The Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General Staffan de Mistura arrived at the Congress.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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