Schoolchildren study the history of the Russian Revolution in a Bremen School, Germany

26.01.2018, Bremen.

On January 24 and 25, history lessons dedicated to the hundredth anniversary of the Great October Revolution were delivered at the Free Waldorf School in Bremen as part of the project A Little Journey to Russia, Rossa Primavera news agency correspondent reports.

German children immersed themselves with great interest in the atmosphere of pre-revolutionary Russia and learned about various historical figures and events. Students asked many questions and shared their impressions, discussed the role Stalin, Lenin, Nicholas II played in events of the Revolutionary year of 1917. The period of pre-revolutionary decline in the last years of the empire’s existence caused obvious associations with today’s time.

In particular, the issue of the importance of Russian culture today evoked real interest. Children learn Russian in many schools in Germany, but there are only a few schools where children are really involved in the field of classical Russian culture.

A week of Russian culture with the theme A Little Journey to Russia was organized by parents of the students of the Bremen Waldorf School. This project took place for the first time, taking place during the period from January 23 to 26. It was dedicated to the centenary of the October Revolution. The purpose of the event is to increase the interest of schoolchildren and their families in the Russian language and culture. Half of the students of this German school learn Russian as a second foreign language, which is mandatory for study. Within the framework of the project, children get acquainted with the most important historical events of Russia. Also, they participate in various master classes in Russian folk dances. Students take lessons in painting, geography, and history of Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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