The Left in Germany to create new big party?

21.01.2018, Berlin.

The chairwoman of the Left party (Die Linke) Sahra Wagenknecht stated on January 20 in an interview with the newspaper t-online that a new left union should be created.

Wagenknecht stressed that the weak positions of the Social Democrats caused the “political vacuum”, which in turn evoked the need for creating a new left union. Wagenknecht said, “The Social Democratic parties are self-destructing. For years, they pursued a policy against their own voters. They are responsible for low wages, old age poverty, privatization, and precarious work.”

Wagenknecht added, “Since 1998, the Social Democrats have lost 10 million voters. And we have only two million voters more than the former Party of Democratic Socialism of East Germany.”

The so-called Grand Coalition exists in Germany, the coalition between the Christian Democratic Union and the Social Democratic Party. After the elections in the fall of 2017, the Social Democrats at first refused to join the coalition, as they were not satisfied with the results of the coalition’s work. However, after unsuccessful talks on establishing the government on other foundations, the Social Democrats returned to discussing the working terms of the Grand Coalition.

The Die Linke party is an alliance of several left-wing parties.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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