Kurchatov Institute to participate in advanced experiments in Germany

24.12.2017, Russia.

Russia has provided its share to cover maintenance costs for installation of the European X-ray free electron laser (EXFEL), the press service of the Russian Government reported on December 22nd.

The laser facility will allow scientists to study various phenomena on the level not available until today. For example, it will allow to shoot ultra-rapid chemical processes in real time or to study viruses almost on the atomic level or to receive three-dimensional images of the nanoworld objects.

Russia has been taking part in the project since 2009 through the Federal State Budgetary Institution Kurchatov Institute National Research Center  (Kurchatov Institute). On September 1, 2017, the laser facility was officially put into operation, and Russia needs to cover its share of maintenance expenses. The government has authorized Kurchatov Institute to do it. The expenses are scheduled by the federal budget for 2017. Russia’s share in the project is 26.79 percent, and it has the second largest share after Germany. Thus, Russia is one of the key partners of this project.

As for the idea of developing free electron lasers, Russia has also taken its part by offering its know-how. In addition, Russia supplied high-tech equipment manufactured by Russian organizations and enterprises for the construction of the laser facility.

Participation in the EXFEL development and construction opens up wide opportunities to the Russian scientists: full participation in international cooperation in chemical, biomedical, physical, and materials research; conducting experimental studies with the laser facility, in particular, using synchrotron radiation sources available under the project, as well as access to the most advanced technologies.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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