Russian-Chinese Intellectual Center opening date announced

01.12.2017, Russia.

The opening of the IP-Silk Road Russian-Chinese Intellectual Center in Beijing is scheduled for December 17, RT TV-Channel reports.

The main purpose of the Intellectual Center is to unite state-of-the-art technologies of both countries as much as possible. The project was proposed by the All-Russian Society of Inventors and Rationalizers (VOIR), the Federal Institute for Industrial Property (FIPS) in Russia together with the State Intellectual Property Office in China.

The IP-Silk Road Russian-Chinese Intellectual Center will be located on the territory of the largest science park in Beijing.

The main task of the Russian-Chinese Center is to unite forces and promote mutually beneficial cooperation of both countries’ specialists in the area of inventions, Yury Zubov, head of the FIPS believes.

The creation of the Russian-Chinese Center will provide these specialists with an access to the global patent databases, support them in patenting and registration, will provide for supplying the markets of both countries with new high-tech products. According to Yury Zubov, the IP-Silk Road Russian-Chinese Intellectual Center will boost technologies and developments commercialization.

It is worth noting that the Center is going to provide services both to natural and legal persons. Russia and China expect the Center to help develop innovation technologies faster in both countries.

Chinese market shows interest in such areas of the Russian science as nanotechnology, aviation technologies, and composite materials development. In turn, China is ready to share some transport technologies, such as high-speed highway technology (HCH), providing for sophisticated electronic equipment of trains. Russia is particularly interested in this proposal because of a number of high-speed train projects already being implemented in its territory.

The growth rate of Russian inventors applying for patents abroad is insignificant. Thus, only 950 applications were filed in 2015 to increase to 996 in 2016.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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