American political scientist: Russian threat to United States security invented by Washington

28.11.2017, USA.

Russia being a security threat to the United States is fictitious,  political scientist Stephen F. Cohen said on the air of the John Batchelor Show, TASS reports on November 28.

According to Cohen, the Russian threat has become a “recognized reality” in the US. He believes that the number one threat to the United States consists of “increasingly persistent statements” about Trump’s close ties to the Kremlin. In the opinion of the political scientist, this could lead to the deterioration of US-Russia relations and the US edging toward a military conflict with Russia. Therefore, Cohen criticizes the US media for the negative accounts of Trump’s attempts to improve relations with Moscow.

The political scientist names the demonization of Vladimir Putin as the second most principle threat to the United States. In this regard, professor Cohen emphasizes that the United States might be losing the most needed partner in the field of the national security which is so vital at present.

“If the American political and media elite did not invent the two above mentioned threats”, then “the Islamic state (organization banned in Russia — Rossa Primavera) and other international terrorist organizations” would be the main threat to the US security, Stephen F. Cohen said.

Cohen named the increase in the number of countries with nuclear weapons as the fourth in the list of threats to the US. Global warming and income inequality in the world are named as the fifth threat.

The political scientist stressed that China, as well as Russia, are imaginary threats to the United States. But he believes that the alliance between Moscow and Beijing should be a topic for a separate discussion.

On repeated occasions, Stephen F. Cohen spoke out against the anti-Russian rhetoric of the West, and he also noted a plain provocative policy towards Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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