Maria Mamikonyan: A whole generation of infantiles is being raised

14.11.2017, Russia.

During the meeting of the Sofia club in Moscow on November 5 Maria Mamikonyan, Chairwoman of the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance (ARPR) organization for family protection, drew attention to the reprogramming of the modern family and the raising of children, which fosters an infantile personality, a correspondent of Rossa Primavera Information Agency reports.

“When we began our struggle with the system of forced foster care,” recalled Maria Mamikonyan, “it seemed that our colleagues in the city of Sofia did not fully understand the danger and the acuteness of the problem.”

 “We are talking about restructuring of the institutions where children are raised,” further explained the Chairwoman of the ARPR, ”we are talking about the family [as an institution] not able to properly raise children due to fear.” The pressure comes primarily from supranational organizations: the UN, the European Council and alike.

The newly imposed behavioral norms in the family are aimed at fostering an infantile personality which is unwilling to recognize both parent or teacher authority. A whole generation of infantiles is being raised,” stressed Mamikonyan.

The All-Russian Parents’ Resistance is an all Russian public organization for family protection. The organization was formed on the wave of public opposition to the legislation, promoting the system of forced foster care in Russia, during 2012 and has since been engaged in public opposition to the forced foster care trends in Russia. The first congress of the organization was held on February 9, 2013.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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