EOT Germany: “The Revolution has become a new form of Russian messianism"

10.11.2017, Germany.

A presentation concerning Russian messianism and its role in the Revolution of 1917 was introduced during the seminar on the “Centenary of the Great Revolution” on November 7, Rossa Primavera News Agency reports.

A German branch of the Essence of Time social-political movement conducted a seminar in Munich which was dedicated to the Great October Socialist Revolution. One of the presentations was devoted to the origin and the evolution of Russian messianism. The main purpose of the presentation was to show the continuity of the messianic ideals of the Russian people. The messianic ideals were reflected in the idea of the Third Rome, creating the Orthodox Russian Kingdom, as the successor to Byzantium. Russian intellectuals adopted the idea which later was manifested in Russian literature of the Golden and Silver Ages. Subsequently, the messianic ideals of the Russian people were embodied in communist aspirations, as declared by the Bolsheviks. This was the main reason why the majority of the Russian population supported the Great October Revolution.

Such a philosophical view of the October Revolution helps to understand why revolutionaries managed to realize socialist ideals specifically in Russia, as opposed to Western Europe where such transformations did not take place.

On November 7, a seminar dedicated to the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution was conducted in Munich. A German branch of the Essence of Time social-political movement organized the seminar. In the framework of the seminar, a number of presentations introduced the economic, social and philosophical causes of the revolutionary events in Russia. Several myths about the Great October Socialist Revolution were also examined and exposed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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