President of the Slavic Foundation: Left-wing populism is the enemy of the leftist idea

06.11.2017, Russia.

Left-wing populism in Europe is much more dangerous than the right-wing, stated Professor Zakhari Zakhariev, the Chairman of the Slavic Foundation at a meeting of the Sofia club in Moscow on November 5, a correspondent of Rossa Primavera Information Agency reports.

I do not agree with an idea that Europe is ‘right-wing leaning’ today. The main issue for Europe today is that it finds itself at the crossroads. It is in search of a new direction during the time of civilizational changes which are taking place within and around us,” said the social activist.

He stressed that under such circumstances, populism in politics, when people are offered simple solutions, becomes especially dangerous. “Unfortunately, populism is on the rise during the time of searching for a new direction; many left-wing and right-wing politicians ride the wave [of populism] and take advantage of people’s fears and expectations,” said Zakhari Zakhariev.

“If you look at the program of Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France, which is traditionally considered a far-right party, you will see that the goals they set for themselves are far more left-wing than those of the traditional Social Democrats,”  specified Zakhariev.

Viktor Orbán’s Hungarian Alliance of Young Democrats of is another example of a similar type of a right-wing party program, according to him.

“To me, the left-wing populism is more dangerous than the right-wing populism. Why the left-wing populism? Because it discredits the leftist idea. Socialists have repeatedly come to power in Europe. But now, they either no longer exist – for example, in Poland or Hungary, or are greatly weakened, as we have in Bulgaria. “

To leave the “crossroads” situation, the leftists must realize the need for “internal transformation” and be more active. “Our most important goal must be the development of a new humanism,” summed up Zakhari Zakhariev.

Zakhari Zakhariev is a Bulgarian expert and intellectual, a member of the Supreme Council of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, one of the founders of the “Sofia” club.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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