Leading German university presents a Ukrainian propagandist film

27.10.2017, Germany.

A presentation of a Ukrainian propagandist film entitled Euromaidan SOS [Maidan is the coup d’etat in Ukraine ― translator’s note] was held on October 26 in the Institute of Slavic Philology, University of Munich, the German university’s press service reports.

The year of the Ukrainian and the German languages at the Institute of Slavic Philology, Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, began on October 26 with a presentation of a Ukrainian web portal and a presentation of a Ukrainian propagandist film Euromaidan SOS. In the presentation, the director of the film Sergey Lysenko and a Ukrainian journalist and movie director Konstantin Mogilnik participate.

According to a review of the film published at the University of Munich website, “the inexplicable self-organization of Ukrainians during the Maidan and during the war will change not only the civic order inside the country but also the civilization order of nowadays”.

The Ukrainian propagandist film Euromaidan SOS presents the Maidan events as a will of the Ukrainian people. Focus is made on how the Ukrainian police and the Berkut riot police dispersed a students’ rally in 2013. The film ignores unlawful actions of Ukrainian right-wing radicals, in particular, the use of Molotov cocktails against law enforcement officials at the Maidan.

The second part of the propagandist film tells about the resistance of the Donbass people against the Kiev junta, which is presented in a completely negative light. The authors of the Ukrainian film tell about the suffering of the Maidan supporters at the east of Ukraine. The anti-Maidan demonstrations in Donbass are called “fake”; the resistance of the Donbass people against the coup d’etat followed by the banderization [Stepan Bandera is a leader of the Ukrainian nationalists who co-operated with the Nazi Germany ― translator’s note] of Ukraine is explained solely by the pressure from Russia.

Major European media and social groups presented only one interpretation of the Maidan events concealing from the public important facts related to the coup d’etat. For example, the media almost ignored the use of Molotov cocktails by Maidan supporters against Ukrainian law enforcement officials, the violation of the Ukrainian Constitution during the overthrow of President Yanukovich, the Odessa tragedy, the banning of many opposition parties and movements, the promotion of nationalist groups’ members to power, and the propaganda of the Bandera ideology.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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