German elections: Ruling coalition weakens, right-wing is beating left-wing

21.09.2017, Germany.

Some new trends before the Bundestag elections in Germany have been revealed by SPON poll, German Spiegel reports on 20 September.

According to the poll data, ruling party significantly weakens. It has lost 2.3% of voters (down to 35.9%) for the last week. Its positions have been especially weakened on the territories of Eastern Germany, where its popularity has fallen almost by 3%. Social democrats stagnate at 21%.

Right-wing party Alternative for Germany was able to use the weakness of the ruling coalition best of all, getting additional 2,5% (up to 11,1%). It is beating the Left party and now ranks third by popularity. The Left keeps its 9,6%.

Germany will hold parliamentary and chancellor elections on September 24. Angela Merkel, who has already held this post three times, is an indisputable leader of the future election race. Her major rival, a representative of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) Martin Shulz, had lost the TV debates with her.

It should be noted that the current SPD rating is the worst rating on the eve of elections for the whole postwar history of the party.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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