Rodriguez: Trump manipulates the topic of sovereignty

20.09.2017, USA.

Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez criticized The speech made by the President of America Donald Trump on September 20, in an interview made on sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, TASS news agency informs citing TeleSUR TV channel.

Rodriguez claimed that US President’s speech “was unprecedented in its aggressiveness”. The Minister stressed that Trump “manipulates the topic of sovereignty – sovereignty of the US means for him the enslavement of all other countries. He fully ignores the principle of sovereign equality of states, enshrined in the United Nations Charter”.

Rodriguez pointed out to Trump that he “had no moral right to criticize Cuba” by blackmailing with the abolition of the trade embargo.

The 72nd Session of UN General Assembly takes place in New York, in the debates the heads of states and governments are discussing ways to solve global problems of the present time.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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