Iraqi Ambassador: Russian children will return to their homeland

30.08.2017, Iraq.

Iraq works hard on returning Russian children to their homeland, said Iraqi Ambassador to Russia Haidar Hadi on August 30 in the interview with RT.

“Even if they were born in Iraq and it was proved that they are Russian citizens, they will be able to return to their homeland. If a child’s mother is an Iraqi citizen then this is an individual case. It seems that we have children who were born by Russian father and Iraqi mother. Then the case will be resolved by Iraqi authorities”, the diplomat noted.

Hadi said that in case a mother is alive, she will have a right to keep her child. There is a special procedure in case both parents died.

Earlier on August 29 a member of the Human Rights Council Aleksandr Mukomolov said that there are at least 80 Russian children in Syria and Iraq, who need to be returned back home.

Chechen Republic’s government plays a significant role in these activities. This way, the Human Rights Council working group on this issue was established at the initiative of Chechen human rights activist Heda Saratova. Besides that, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov assisted in bringing back home from Iraq a child, who was kidnapped from the mother in Russia by the father.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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