Putin: Beware, so that Washington does not turn into a caliphate

15.06.2017, Russia.

“We will not allow this (a transformation of Russia into a caliphate – Rosa Primavera News Agency). Look out, so that Washington does not become a caliphate”, said Vladimir Putin to the American filmmaker Oliver Stone in his film about the President of Russia, which was broadcasted by Showtime on May 15.

Speaking about world religions, Putin noted that religions themselves can never be evil, in spite of them being contradictory, even within the context of the same religious denomination. 

In an interview with Stone, the Russian leader noted, “You know, that no world religion can be a source of evil. And in Islam, there are many streams. The two main ones are Shia and Sunni. We see that till today there are profound contradictions between them. However, I believe, that one day they will overcome all discrepancies…”

Answering Oliver Stone’s question by about theoretical perspectives of transforming Russia into an Islamic “Caliphate”, Putin firmly said, that it will never happen.

“Well, we will not allow this. However, beware so that Washington might not become a caliphate instead,” Putin said, meaning the ambiguous US policy in regards to international terrorism.

The Russian President also added that Russia will not silently observe the strengthening of the ISIL group (organization banned in Russia).

“We cannot allow their further strengthening. They want to create a caliphate from the Southern Europe to Central Asia”, the Russian President added, pointing out that at least 80,000 militants are fighting in the ranks of ISIL group, with at least 30,000 mercenaries from 80 countries, including Russia.

Russia has been actively combating terrorism in Syria for more than two years, contributing to the liberation of country’s key areas such as Aleppo and Palmyra.

However, Russia’s success in Syria has caused complaints and discontent in some Western countries, including the United States, blaming Russia of casualties among civilians.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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