Mein Kampf signed by Hitler will be sold at auction in the UK

15.06.2017, United Kingdom.

A rare copy of Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler’s book, (included in Russia’s Federal List of Extremist Materials) is put up for auction in the UK, the BBC reported on June 15.

The Silverwoods auction house will put up the book with the Fuhrer’s autograph.  A representative of the Silverwoods said that there are people who believe that preserving this book is necessary, despite the horrors of Hitler’s rule.  “In a sense, it’s a way to touch a monster,” said the auctioneer.

Hitler signed this copy of Mein Kampf (book included in Russia’s Federal List of Extremist Materials) specifically for the BBC journalist Peter Cadogan.  Peter Cadogan was in a circle of friends of Unity Mitford, the daughter of British aristocrat Mitford.  She supported the ideas of National Socialism [Nazism] and was a Hitler’s fan and possibly his mistress.  It was at her request that Hitler signed a copy of the book for Cadogan.  Now, a copy of Mein Kampf (book included in Russia’s Federal List of Extremist Materials) with the autograph of a Nazi criminal is sold at the request of the Cadogan family. Mein Kampf, the work of Adolf Hitler (book included in Russia’s Federal List of Extremist Materials), is a book which combined the autobiography and the basic postulates of the National Socialism [Nazism] and its criminal ideas.  The book postulates the misanthropic ideas of racial superiority, outlines the future plans of the German nation for ”expanding the living space” [Lebensraum in German], and lays out plans for an ”Onslaught on the East. “Mein Kampf, like other books published by the leaders of the Third Reich and the NSDAP [National Socialist German Workers’ Party or Nazi Party], is banned in Russia, and the distribution of such literature falls under the Federal Law, “On Countering Extremist Activity.”

This is not the first incident with this book. In Germany, the first postwar edition of Adolf Hitler’s book was published in January 2016. The entire edition was sold out within a matter of days. European lawyers explain the possibility of republishing Mein Kampf with the expiration of the term of copyright on the book, which previously belonged to the Bavarian authorities. In Italy, “Mein Kampf” became a free addendum to an Italian newspaper in 2016 – Editor.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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