Kurginyan: Western "open society" needs a common enemy

02.06.2017, Russia.

One of the reasons for media attacks on Russia is to fulfill the general idea of the Western “open society”: to have an enemy. On June 1st Sergey Kurginyan, the leader of the Essence of Time movement and a political scientist, described the current approach of Western media, during the “First Studio” talk show air on Russian Channel One.

Russophobia in the Western media become the key topic of discussion in “The First Studio”. An article in the Finnish newspaper was cited as an example. In this article, the Russian cartoon “Masha and the Bear” was presented as a “soft power” tool in hybrid warfare.

Sergey Kurginyan revealed the rationale of the Western media’s approach. He said that “there is the West as an ideal of the ‘open society’; but the ideal, which, of course, has never been achieved anywhere …   But there the ‘open society’ has been adopted as an ideology… Such a society lacks internal social ties. There are no friends… Everyone becomes atomized. The only way to keep this kind of society together is to find a common enemy. The open society needs an enemy. Well, ideological promoters of the ‘open society’ searched for some time, they looked around, they tormented themselves in deciding whether or not to make Islam the enemy. Then they finally decided that it will be Russia. Now, the whole issue is very simple. And this is not a joke. All that is more or less viable for Russia, will be considered hostile to the open society. Those ideological adepts peer into what is happening in Russia: Are there good films? – enemy! Is there something good for children? – enemy! Any success? – enemy! Everything becomes the enemy, because everything is war. Thus, only one goal is needed. The goal is to ‘finish off the vile serpent’”.

The concept of the “open society” was introduced by Karl Popper in his book Open Society and Its Enemies. The core idea of the book is that for the “open society” there is no world without an enemy. But where there is an enemy, there is a war.


Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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