Experts: Russia needs a new Ombudsman, an authorized Commissioner for family affairs!

02.06.2017, Russia.

On June 1, a press conference was held, where the topic was Anna Kuznetsova’s activity as the Children’s Ombudswoman. During the press conference, experts, heads of parents’ and human rights organizations stated that Russia does not need a Presidential Children’s Rights Commissioner, but rather a Family Affairs Commissioner, the correspondent of the Rosa Primavera News Agency reports.

Tatiana Shishova, a member of the Writers’ Union and a civic activist, reminded the audience that from the beginning the post of the Children’s Ombudsman was conceived as a post to promote the forced foster care system in Russia. Primarily, such a system considers a child individually, outside of the family, which is one of its core instrumental approaches. Denis Davydov, the head of the Safe Internet League, said that Russia needs a post of the Commissioner for Family Affairs.

The chairperson of the All-Russian Parent’s Resistance organization fully supported her colleagues. She said that at some point, Russia enthusiastically started following the West’s lead with regards to the approach of foster family care. This approach considers children’s rights and children’s protection in isolation, without any family consultation. However, in the given circumstances, the country really needs a new omOmbudsmana public advocate, who would be able to protect and promote the rights of the family as whole.

On June 1, the REGNUM News Agency press center hosted a press conference with the largest public parental and human rights organizations in Russia, which oppose the introduction of forced foster care services in Russia.

The practice of seizing children from families in Russia was the main topic of discussion at the press conference. The participants also discussed work and activities of Anna Kuznetsova as the Children’s Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation, especially in regards with her recent statement that in the case of removing children, there are “actually no violations of the law.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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