Russians in Latvia insulted by Saeima Member’s statement

29.05.2017, Latvia.

Four Latvian civic organizations, including the Russian Society in Latvia, filed a complaint to the Latvian Prosecutor General’s Office with a request to respond to a statement made by a member of the Latvian Parliament (Saeima), Edvīns Šnore, towards the Russian-speaking population of the Republic, a spokeswoman of the NPO (Nonprofit organization – Editor), Tatyana Favorova, said in an interview to media, the TASS news agency reports on May 29.

“This is a crime, not just some talking. It is something that must be punished under the Criminal Code,” this is how Favorova judged Šnore’s statement.

“At first we thought whether we should react to such a statement at all. Finally, we decided that this was too much. Indeed, he is an official, a Member of Saeima!” she added.

According to the Latvian law, the Prosecutor’s Office must respond to a complaint submitted by a civic organization within thirty days.

A deputy of the “All for Latvia ― Latvians Campaign for National Independence” National Alliance (Latvian: Nacionālā apvienība „Visu Latvijai!” – „Tēvzemei un Brīvībai/LNNK”), Edvīns Šnore, in his article published in the Nacionalas zinas newspaper wrote on the reluctance of the Russian residents of the Republic to leave the country, “As Minister of Social Affairs Alfrēds Bērziņš used to say, once you let the Russian louse in your fur coat you’ll never get it out anymore. Newcomers, as well as local Russian-speaking people, who discredited, abused, and defamed Latvia in the time of the USSR, have not left Latvia so far.”

The “All for Latvia ― Latvians Campaign for National Independence” National Alliance is part of the ruling coalition in Saeima.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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