Anti-Sobyanin or Anti-Putin rallies – Deutsche Welle sees no difference

29.05.2017, Russia.

According to a Deutsche Welle reporter, there is no difference between May 27th rally, held on Suvorov Square against Moscow’s renovation, and May 28th rally, held on Vavilov Street.

In the reporter’s opinion, the May 27th rally, held without the participation of political parties, aimed against Moscow’s Major Sobyanin, is no different from May 28th rally, where parties like Parnas, December 5th Party and others participated, with slogans like “Putin Out!” and “Russia Without Putin”.

According to Rossa Primavera News Agency reporters, who attended both rallies, the May 27th protest was purely anti-Sobyanin in character. In contrast, the Vavilov Street rally developed a clearly anti-Putin nature. This looks like a typical attempt of pro-western opposition to “surmount” the street protests.

Overwhelming majority of Western-initiated Orange Revolutions, leading to coups, began with street protests. When the protests reached a required amplitude, then pro-western opposition political forces took over the street protests‘ energy and used this energy to overthrow the government.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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