Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation speaks out in defense of the traditional family

24.05.2017, Russia.

Valery Zorkin, the Сhairman of the Constitutional Court, spoke about the Russian state’s need to fight for the preservation of traditional family values at the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, RIA Novosti news agency reported on May 18.

Zorkin noted that the idea of free gender identity is spreading in the modern world.  In countries where these ideas are spreading, the state cultivates distrust toward traditional families as carriers of “obsolete” gender norms.  Such states adopt laws which allow the state to intervene in family affairs to the point of the removal and transfer of children from traditional families to same-sex couples.  While tolerance for non-traditional values is being promoted, no tolerance is shown for traditional family values.

“The destruction of the family undermines society, its moral foundations, and the state. However, a disconnect between society and the state is far more dangerous,” said Valery Zorkin.

The term “gender” was first offered as an alternative to the traditional definition of sexes at the 1995 UN World Conference on Women in Beijing.  Representatives of feminist and lesbian organizations advocated for the rejection of traditionally established differences between the sexes, and for the freedom of choosing one’s sex and the sexual orientation.

In 2008, the UN adopted a Declaration on sexual orientation and gender identity.  The document proposed that the rights of people with any sexual and gender orientation be protected.  66 out of 192 countries signed the declaration.  Russia, China, and the United States refused to sign the document.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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