Humanitarian aid comes to frontline Donetsk schools

Humanitarian aid was delivered today to schools №103 and №116 by Texas and our antifascist friends from Germany. These schools are located near the front line and are constantly under shelling threat from the Ukrainian army.

Children were happy to receive new balls, plasticine, colored paper, and paints. Also schools were provided with exercise books, rulers, pencils, pieces of chalk, and albums for drawing.

Teachers and children thanked guests for having received such a necessary help in such difficult times.

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Ukrainians pay to restore access to Russian social networks

Enterprising Ukrainian IT specialists offer internet users to restore access to Russian social networks and information resources for a small fee, Kiev-based journalist Dmitry Slivny stated today, on May 24, BFM.RU website reports.Restoring access to banned web-pages costs only 50 hryvnias (about 2 US dollars). Dmitry Slivny explained that internet users show increased interest in this offer.

The Ukrainian journalist noted that one can predict an increase of the fee for this service in consequence of its high demand.

On May 15 the president of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko signed the law banning Russian social networks VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and such information resources as Yandex and on the territory of Ukraine. Ukrainian citizens wrote a petition urging the authorities to cancel the prohibition of Russian internet resources. To this moment, over 30,000 Ukrainian citizens have supported the claim.

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Two people killed, 40 injured by an explosion in Syria’s Homs

A car bomb exploded near the electric utilities company`s building in the Al-Zahra quarter. „According to received preliminary data, two people were killed and 40 people were wounded as a result of the terrorist attack in Homs“, states the source of the agency.

The source also reports that Syrian soldiers destroyed a car bomb with a suicide bomber inside at the approaches to the checkpoint in the southern Damascus suburb today. One other car bomb was intercepted and defused.

Earlier, more than 40 people were killed as a result of a series of suicide bombing attacks in Homs on February 23, 2017, Jabhat al-Nusra (organization banned in Russia) took the responsibility for act of terrorism.

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Sergey Kurginyan: We have the right to fight discrimination against Russians in Ukraine

During the discussion, the political scientist asked the rhetorical question, whether the abolitionists in their time had the right to fight discrimination against an ethnic minority. And if that is true, then do we have the right today to fight discrimination against Russians … who are not even a minority, but who are placed in the same circumstances as Black people were placed in America?

Kurginyan stressed that if Lincoln fought against discrimination to have no “second-class people”, then the leaders of the DPR (the Donetsk People’s Republic – Editor) and the LPR (the Lugansk People’s Republic – Editor) are the same abolitionists. Today they are fighting to eliminate the same discrimination; therefore, the war in Donbass is a civil war.

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Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation speaks out in defense of the traditional family

Zorkin noted that the idea of free gender identity is spreading in the modern world. In countries where these ideas are spreading, the state cultivates distrust toward traditional families as carriers of “obsolete” gender norms. Such states adopt laws which allow the state to intervene in family affairs to the point of the removal and transfer of children from traditional families to same-sex couples. While tolerance for non-traditional values is being promoted, no tolerance is shown for traditional family values.

“The destruction of the family undermines society, its moral foundations, and the state. However, a disconnect between society and the state is far more dangerous,” said Valery Zorkin.

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Kurginyan: Ukraine will lose statehood if it starts ethnic cleansing

Kurginyan explained that, according to international law, ethnic cleansing is genocide; therefore, if Chernyshev’s calls for action were to be brought to life, then the UN would have to recognize that Ukraine is a country committing genocide. “From that moment, the country is deprived of its right to autonomous statehood; it must be brought under international control; those responsible for genocide must be arrested and brought to account before an appropriate court. The country must be re-assembled, because by committing genocide it has abandoned its right to a sovereign national existence,” the political analyst said. “Therefore, if the physical extermination of Russians begins, the Russian army will reach Kiev in a few days, in strict accordance with the international law,” Kurginyan emphasized.

This is how Sergey Kurginyan reacted to a statement made by a Ukrainian TV presenter, Sergey Chernyshev, who called over television for ethnic cleansing and executions and to the words of a Ukrainian guest of the First Studio, Tatyana Voronina, who said that “it is an internal Ukrainian matter”.

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DPR: Ukrainian army decrease intensity of the shelling on the Donetsk and south directions

On the Donetsk direction, the Ukrainian army opened fire on the area of the Yasinovataya checkpoint, the outskirts of Yasinovataya, the area of Spartak, and the northern outskirts of the Kievsky district in Donetsk with mortars, automatic grenade launchers, and small arms.

According to recent information, on May 22, the Ukrainian army violated the ceasefire 62 times while firing 1153 shells and mortar rounds. 19 communities of the Republic came under the Ukrainian army’s shelling, 11 houses were damaged. One DPR PM serviceman was wounded by Ukrainian army’s fire. One civilian was wounded during the shelling of Yakovlevka.

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