Media: Coalition Airforce strikes area west of Raqqa, 15 civilians killed

23.05.2017,  Syria.

Fifteen civilians were killed as a result of Western Coalition Airforce striking the village of Kadeiran, west of Raqqa, according to Al Mayadeen TV channel, TASS reports on 21 May.

The airstrike was meant to support the offensive of the Arab-Kurdish units from Syrian Democratic Forces organization on the capital of ISIL (organization banned in Russia), the city of Raqqa.

Reportedly, it is not the first airstrike that led to civilian casualties. Earlier 22 people were killed (all of them civilians) by a bombing by the antiterrorist coalition] led by the US.

Raqqa was occupied by ISIL terrorists (organization banned in Russia) in August 2013. A year later, the head of terrorists Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi claimed it the capital of the new Caliphate. Starting from November 6, Kurdish forces with the support of US Air Forces are conducting the offensive against the city.

The operation is being conducted stepwise. In November, Kurdish formations occupied several settlements north of Raqqa, in December 2016 Kurdish forces crossed the Euphrates and landed west of the city, in January 2017 the offensive against ISIL (organization banned in Russia) positions east of Raqqa began. The main goal is to besiege the city and cut off the supply communications of the terrorists.


* The original of the picture is by Athony Gale, license CC BY SA 2.0.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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