Donetsk People's Republic reports crimes by Ukrainian security forces in Mariupol

23.05.2017, DPR.

On May 21, participants of the Rescue Mariupol Forum in Donetsk, a civic organization, informed the general public of the crimes against humanity which the Ukrainian military committed in Mariupol, the Donetsk News Agency reported.

Citizens of Mariupol held their first Rescue Forum in the “Shakhtar Plaza” hotel, in the DPR. At the Forum, participants told about a tragic situation in Mariupol, where Ukrainian security forces, together with Ukrainian nationalist militant battalions, continue to commit crimes against humanity.

Irina Popova, a civic activist and a founder of the Forum, read out a statement on behalf of the forum participants. She said that in her home town of Mariupol there is a huge number of people, who have suffered at the hands of punishers from nationalist battalions and the Ukrainian security forces. Hundreds of people have disappeared or died, were injured or were raped, suffered abuse and torture. She also said that there was one terrible place in Mariupol, which residents try to bypass in horror. This is the city airport, which currently has become a zone of torture and murder. A number of ruthless executions have taken place there.

Forum participants also told of the torture at the Mariupol airport and the rape which is perpetrated in the basement of School No. 62.

The Forum participants compared the actions of the Ukrainian authorities to the actions of the fascist regimes in Nazi Germany, Franco in Spain, and various Latin American fascist juntas. They stated the need for a new Nuremberg Military Tribunal, but this time in order to condemn crimes against humanity in Ukraine. Evidence of crimes against children on the territories controlled by Kiev, was mentioned separately.

The Forum participants adopted a resolution on the creation of the Mariupol Rescue Forum, a civic organization in the DPR. This Forum is designed to help the affected residents of Mariupol and other cities within the framework of the Humanitarian Program for the reunification of the peoples of Donbass.

The Azov [nationalist] battalion, which is based in Mariupol has repeatedly attracted public attention, local and international, with their human rights violations against civilians.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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