Vatican concerned over possibility of Ukraine adopting anti-Orthodox laws

21.05.2017, Russia.

Archpriest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) (the UOC MP) Nikolai Danilevich posted on Facebook on May 19 that the reason for summoning the Ukrainian ambassador to the Vatican was the prospect of Ukrainian members of parliament passing anti-Orthodox laws, as REGNUM information agency reported.

On his page, he expressed the concern that, “The Vatican is concerned over the possibility of passing [bills] 4128 and 4511. [They] summoned our Ukrainian ambassador to the Vatican. The Vatican is in full agreement with the position expressed by the Roman Catholic Bishop Stanislav Szyrokoradiuk on this subject.”  These laws will make it considerably easier for authorities to seize church buildings belonging to the canonical Church, allowing them to interfere heavy-handedly in the internal affairs of religious communities; moreover, these laws will prohibit prayer in churches that the regime finds unfavorable.

These amendments “target not only the Church but also the state and the people”, said the head of the UOC MP metropolitan Onufriy commenting on the anti-Orthodox initiative. Their adoption will lead to “religious hostility, discrimination, and the violation of the freedom of conscience and the freedom of religion. It will the open doors to a religious war, and it will negatively impact on Ukraine on the international arena”.

It was planned to adopt amendments on the so-called illegal activities of the UOC MP in Ukraine on May 18, but Ukrainian orthodox parishioners protested and demanded a halt on the legislative initiative.

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Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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