Hungarian government: EU will impose sanctions on Hungary on behalf of Soros

21.05.2017, Hungary.

On May 19, RT reported, that the EU will soon impose sanctions due to Hungary’s efforts to close George Soros’ University and because of the country’s independent migration policy, according to Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán’s press service.

According to press service, “Brussels is attacking us from every side because of our consistent and strict migration policy.” Thereby, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on May 17, starting the procedure of imposing sanctions on Hungary.

The press service of Hungary’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs adds, that “European institutions clearly cannot accept the fact that; regardless of international pressure, the Hungarian government continues to pursue a migration policy aimed exclusively at the security of Hungary itself and its people.”

Hungary refused to accept migrants under EU migrant quotas, and it even built a wall against migrants on its border with neighboring countries.  Prime Minister Victor Orbán called migrants “a hostile army”, he said that 99 percent of them should be expelled from the country to prevent terrorist attacks.

The European Parliament resolution says, that “there is a clear risk of a serious breach of EU values by a Member State. The situation in Hungary justifies the triggering of the procedure which may result in sanctions for Hungary.” At the same time, Hungary believes that its actions against Soros became the catalyst for this process.

Starting from this February, Orbán said that Soros and the EU have “attacked” Hungary so as to flood it with migrants, and law-enforcement agencies informed that multiple structures affiliated with George Soros are helping illegal migrants to enter Hungary and to receive refugee status. Szilárd Németh, Vice-Chairman of the Fidesz party, which heads the government, said that Hungary will spare no effort to expel all non-governmental billionaire-connected institutions, “which receive money to serve the interests of global capitalism and support the governance of political correctness over the interests of national governments.” In April Hungary adopted a law under which all educational institutions operating in Hungary, but registered outside the European Union, must also carry out the same activity in the country where they are registered, and foreign teachers must receive work permits. Thus, one of the largest universities of the Central and Eastern Europe, the Central European University in Budapest, established by George Soros 26 years ago, is at risk of being closed. As a result, thousands of protesters rallied against the decision.

Hungary assured that it will not close Soros’ structures, but only make requirements for them stricter.

Soros openly admits that his “Open Society” fund funded the “Orange revolution” in Ukraine in 2004 and Euromaidan in 2013.

* The original of the picture is from More pictures and videos: [eppofficial], license CC BY 2.0.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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