Russell Bentley ('Texas') gets the Donetsk People’s Republic’s citizenship

American war correspondent Texas received his DPR passport and thanked the people of the DPR for granting him citizenship, as stated in the video posted on Essence of Time movement’s YouTube channel on April 18th.

“Today, I received my passport of Donetsk People’s Republic. It’s like my birthday, it’s a very proud and happy day. I want to thank the kind good people of Donetsk People’s Republic for giving me their friendship, their brotherhood, letting me be part of the big family that our Republic is. I thank all those people, and I pledge to you my life, my blood, my work. It is my new homeland, it is my new Motherland. I will defend it, I’ll protect it, and I will help to make it a better Republic, and I will help this Republic to make a better world. This passport is a symbol of struggle against fascism around the world. This is a passport that I’m very proud to have”, Texas said.

The issuing of DPR passports began in early 2016. In March 2017, the leader of DPR Aleksandr Zakharchenko said that 1.2 million people had applied for a passport.

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