Venezuelan opposition starts building barricades

04.05.2017, Venezuela.

Under the slogan “This government is going to fall, we will help it!”, activists of Democratic Unity Roundtable (Spanish: Mesa de la Unidad Democrática, MUD), a platform opposed to the government, has begun to build barricades in the streets of the Venezuelan capital, the REGNUM information agency reports with a reference to journalists of La Razón Spanish edition.

Protesters use felled tree trunks, vehicles, tires, and even garbage to build the barricades.

“Venezuela has heard the call of the opposition, and it has taken to the streets to block Maduro’s attempts to gather the Constitutional Assembly instead of the existing legitimate National Assembly”, a Spanish source wrote. According to Spanish media, protesters barricaded themselves in the capital districts of Altamira, Chacao, Santa Fe, La Urbina, Petare, as well as in western Caracas. These areas are traditionally used by protesters whose “peaceful” marches usually end in looting, broken shop windows, and detention of vandalizing protesters.

According to Spanish correspondent Gabriela Pereira, protesters are aggressive; they obstruct the police in clearing away the barricades, and they use Molotov cocktails against law enforcement officials. Policemen, in their turn, use tear gas.

For more than a month, mass opposition rallies calling for the resignation of the cabinet have been taking place in Venezuela. The protests were triggered by Supreme Court decisions regulating the powers of the President and the opposition-dominated Parliament. The protests have led to victims among both President’s supporters and the opposition.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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