Anti-fascists from Europe and Latin America arrived to the Donetsk People’s Republic

A large group of anti-fascists from Europe and Latin America visited DPR. Altogether there were about 40 people, including the famous Italian left-wing rock band “Banda Bassotti”. The comrades brought humanitarian aid for the orphanages and medical facilities of the Republic. They put on an extemporaneous concert in downtown Donetsk. They also met and talked to the internationalists, who are fighting in the ranks of the Donetsk People’s Republic army. For the anti-fascists of the entire world, Donbass is a focus of resistance against the global Nazism.

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Ukrainian army shelled residential areas of the DPR towns and villages

The situation remains tense on the Gorlovka and Donetsk directions. On May 3, trench combat was underway in the area of Zaytsevo village and in Avdeevka industrial zone. The villages of Krutaya Balka, Spartak, Trudovskiye came under Ukrainian military’s fire. The enemy utilized tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, 120mm mortars, and heavy machine guns.

In the morning, a 53 years old woman was wounded during the Ukrainian army’s shelling of Dokuchaevsk. The injured woman died in the hospital.

Fire of high intensity was observed on the Mariupol direction. The Ukrainian military had been provoking trench combat in the area of Kominternovo and Sakhanka.

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Ukrainian nationalists call for a “Mortal Regiment” event on May 9

Kokhanovsky wrote, “Friends, let us stop the ‘vatnik’ frenzy in Kiev on May 9!” [In Ukraine, pro-Russian citizens are pejoratively called “vatniks”, meaning “cotton-padded jacket”, pointing to their supposedly low socioeconomic status – Editor]. “We, the OUN, call on of our sympathizers to come forward and to stop the vermin. On May 9, communists and their supporters will march again to honor an event called the ´Immortal Regiment´, whose roots are in Moscovia [a term used to denote Russia in XV–XVIII centuries – Editor]”, Kokhanovsky wrote in Facebook.

He declared further that “this procession has been marching under Stalin’s icon, under Soviet flags, when communists rudely attempt to tear up our red-black flag of struggle” (the flag of the Ukrainian nationalists – Rossa Primavera Information Agency).

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Venezuelan opposition starts building barricades

“Venezuela has heard the call of the opposition, and it has taken to the streets to block Maduro’s attempts to gather the Constitutional Assembly instead of the existing legitimate National Assembly”, a Spanish source wrote. According to Spanish media, protesters barricaded themselves in the capital districts of Altamira, Chacao, Santa Fe, La Urbina, Petare, as well as in western Caracas. These areas are traditionally used by protesters whose “peaceful” marches usually end in looting, broken shop windows, and detention of vandalizing protesters.

According to Spanish correspondent Gabriela Pereira, protesters are aggressive; they obstruct the police in clearing away the barricades, and they use Molotov cocktails against law enforcement officials. Policemen, in their turn, use tear gas.

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Court orders to leave verdict in force on Navalny’s case

Alexey Navalny became a well-known opposition member after he tried to organize a color revolution in Russia in 2011–2012. He urged people to distrust Russian authorities, as well as Russian President Putin and his team. Many experts and political analysts consider Navalny’s actions during that time to be an attempt to destabilize Russia using the same methods as Kiev’s Maidan. Despite support from some members of the Russian government, the attempt to plunge Russia into chaos failed thanks to, among other things, healthy patriotic forces uniting through a coalition rally against the attempted color revolution in Russia. The rally of February 14, 2012, gathered a record 140,000 people [in the Victory park] on Poklonnaya Hill. Experts also point to Navalny’s ties with the US and British intelligence agencies.

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Russia deploys mobile hospital to city of Afrin in northern Syria

About two and a half thousand people found refuge in the “Rabar” refugee camp. A mobile field hospital and field kitchens have been deployed to provide relief to the community by the Russian Center for reconciliation.

Syrian army units are assisting with the delivery of humanitarian assistance to refugees.

The situation in the region is complicated by the positions of terrorist groups being in close proximity. The positions of “Jebhatt-an-Nusra” (organization banned in Russia) are located within a hundred meters from the Syrian army stronghold.

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